Workforce Devlopment
Education and Training Resources

Everyone on the ETR team shares a commitment and passion to provide the best possible service to our students and the communities where we work.

Brian E. Fox - President/CEO

Howard S. Harmon - Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Rett Dallas - Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Scott Dunham - Vice President, Center Operations & Support

Keith White - Executive Director, Center Operations & Support

Kathy Higgins - Director, Center Operations & Support

Mischelle Parnell - Director, Finance & Administration - Cash Management

Jennifer Simpson, CPA - Director, Finance & Administration - Compliance & Audits

Mark Tupper - Director, Technology Support & Services

Vailiida Niifa - Operations Support/NCCER


Education and Training Resources

2422 Airway Drive
P.O. Box 51865
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42103
Phone: 270-793-0607
Fax: 270-793-9464